Restore your resistance naturally

Discover Biozar® Original
  • What is Biozar?

    Biozar® Original is a food supplement, because it contains a variety of herbs, among other things. For 26 years we have been researching plants and herbs that help to restore the immune system. We have made a selection of plants and herbs from all parts of the world that help to reactivate your resistance. Biozar® Original consists of 97.7% natural ingredients, and the addition of Fennel helps to support your immune system. Biozar® Original restores the resistance in a natural way.

    For decades, humanity has already benefited from one of the ingredients. After many years of intensive research, this ingredient has been incorporated into the dietary supplement Biozar® Original. Start today!

  • How does Biozar work?

    Biozar® Original is a liquid that is taken orally. If used as a maintenance dose, an amount of 3 ml every other day is sufficient. If it is used as a daily dose, we advise you to take between 6 and 10 ml every day. We also recommend taking it with a drink containing strong Lycopene, eg tomato juice.

    Download the Biozar Vitality Measurement here

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  • Using Biozar

    Biozar® Original is best consumed with fruit or vegetable juices, which contain a high dose of lycopene. Examples include tomato juice, rose hips, and watermelon. You can also take it with drinking water. A small dose per day (3-6 ml/1-2 teaspoons) is more than enough.

    Biozar® Original is regularly tested by an accredited laboratory. Do not exceed the recommended dose. Biozar® Original aims to support the immune system by adding fennel.