Who are we?

  • Who are we?

    Biozar has a colorful history. More than 35 years ago, Mr. Wisman, after completing his studies, left for West Africa to work in the mining industry. Over the years he came into contact with a number of local tribes there. Out of interest in their culture and customs in particular, he discovered the beneficial herbs and plants. After living and working there for a number of years, he left for India and later the Amazon region. Actually, for the sake of completeness, we should add a fourth continent and that is Europe. Irish moss was added to Biozar because it completed the formula.

  • The Netherlands

    At the end of the nineties he returned to Dutch soil and had taken up the idea of ​​using his knowledge to improve the resistance of plants. Until one day, his cousin came to him with an inconvenience. He decided to help his cousin and adjust the formula. A number of top athletes are now also using Biozar. Among them is even a world champion.
    All those natural ingredients from different corners of the world are the basis of the Biozar product and many people have already experienced what Biozar has been able to do for them.