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Biozar Original

Biozar Original

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The unique combination of natural products in our product gives your resistance a boost.

Use of Biozar® Original in combination with medicines:
Always consult your doctor when using in combination with medicines.

What you need to know before using Biozar® Original:
When should you not use Biozar® Original? People with a hypersensitivity to one of the ingredients are not advised to use Biozar® Original. This also applies to persons undergoing immunosuppressive treatment. If stomach sensitivity occurs, or you have tingling in your hands and legs that lasts for a few days or even worsens, we advise you to stop using Biozar® Original.

Use of Biozar® Original in combination with food and drink:
We advise you to limit the consumption of alcohol to a minimum or even stop drinking it completely. We also advise you to drink at least 1 to 1.5 liters of water per day. Water ensures that the waste products are better disposed of during the period in which you use Biozar® Original. A dietary supplement is not a substitute for a varied, balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Country of origin: the Netherlands.

Pregnancy and Breastfeeding:
As far as is known, Biozar® Original can be used without objection during pregnancy and breastfeeding, in accordance with the recommended dosage.

Biozar® Original must be kept in the refrigerator. Keep out of the reach of children. Do not place in full sun.

Biozar® Original is packaged in 250 ml bottles. The product is contained in a special bottle, the inside of which has a special coating to protect Biozar® Original. Make sure that the contents of the bottle do not come into contact with other substances. This can reduce the influence of Biozar® Original. Leave Biozar® Original in the bottle it comes in.

Expiration date:
The label on the bottle states the expiration date. After opening the bottle, Biozar® Original has a maximum shelf life of 6 months. Store refrigerated, dry and dark.

Ingredients (per 250 ml):
Biozar® Original is a natural food supplement and contains, among other things;
Vitalized water, seaweed extract ( Ascophyllum nodosum ), herbs, preservative (potassium sorbate) and a sweetener of natural origin (stevioglycosides*). Biozar® Original is gluten-free and contains no added coloring agents.

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