What is Biozar

What is Biozar and how is it used?

Biozar® Original is best consumed with fruit or vegetable juices, which contain a high dose of lycopene. Examples include tomato juice, rose hips, and watermelon. You can also take it with drinking water. A small dose per day (3-6 ml/1-2 teaspoons) is more than enough. Biozar® Original is regularly tested by an accredited laboratory. Do not exceed the recommended dose. Biozar® Original aims to support the immune system by adding fennel.

  • Biozar contains potassium iodide

What is iodine good for?

  • Iodine supports the energy level.
  • Iodine supports the thyroid gland.
  • Iodine supports energy metabolism.
  • Iodine contributes to cognitive functions.

By using Biozar® Original, the iron value can go down because it is converted into oxygen. That is why it is also important that you get enough iron through your normal diet or in the form of Roosvice Ferro or Iron Vital (organic).

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The herbs, plants & Irish Moss are 100% natural

Our diet has changed enormously in the last 40 years. Fortunately, there is a change of mentality. We pay more attention to whether our fresh vegetables, fruit, bread and meat are organic. We read the labels better, move more and deal with our body more consciously.

Biozar® Original consists of herbs and plant extracts. What's in it, we don't make such a secret of it. Fennel supports the immune system. Biozar® Original includes:
• Fennel
Knotweed (Ascophyllum nodosum), brown algae
• Maca
• Wu wei zi
• Steviol Glycosides (from Stevia)

The secret of Biozar® Original is not so much the ingredients. But more the way they are brought together and the fermentation process that preceded it. Biozar® Original is gluten-free and contains no flavor enhancers or coloring agents.

Biozar® Original is a unique cocktail in which old knowledge comes together.

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